Halliford Studios Construction


"Halliford construction services offer a professional team at the touch of a button. Last minute and low budget have become the norm nowadays but Callum’s team will always produce the goods no matter how much I push them. They can handle anything from a full 3D model to a sketch on the back of your hand, and even give an accurate price! But, having someone to worry for me must be one of their biggest assets."

Bruce Hill | Bruce Hill Production Design & Art Direction

"I was first introduced to Callum Andrews and Halliford Studios by the Commercial Film Production Company 'Moon Films' about 4 years ago. Since then Callum has been the Construction Manager on a wide variation of commercials for myself, his work is of the highest standard and his knowledge and advise is always worth listening to. I enjoy the team spirit and the back up one gets from Halliford as a whole."

Peter Walpole | Art Director