About Halliford Studios

Terms and Conditions

We require a deposit of 50% of the estimated job cost on the first day of your build or stage hire booking. The balance is required within 30 days of invoice.

New Clients

All new clients are required to sign our contract which contains our full terms and conditions of business.

Health and Safety

Halliford Studios Ltd comply with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and we have a current Fire Certificate. The company has permanent arrangements regarding the inspection and maintenance of equipment. There are Fire Points on both stages and elsewhere on the site. Please note their locations. We have a qualified First Aider on the premises and an Accident Book is held at Reception.

Please Note

All bookings are subject to the Halliford Studios Ltd standard terms and conditions, copies of which are available on request. Halliford Studios Ltd reserve the right to change any information or prices without prior notice. All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT. We are a member of ASPEC - the Association of Studio and Production Equipment Companies.